A Data-Driven Digital Advertising Case Study

Driving App Installs and Amplifying Brand Awareness for GOJO


I will share the strategies and outcomes of the campaign, showcasing how we effectively drove app installs while significantly increasing brand awareness. Leveraging various digital advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, I implemented tailored strategies to target both drivers and users, ensuring maximum impact and success.

Facebook Ads Campaign: User Acquisition Excellence

To acquire potential app users, I meticulously designed and executed a powerful Facebook Ads campaign. Utilizing visually captivating creatives, compelling ad copies, and motion graphics, I achieved extraordinary results in driving app installs and boosting brand awareness.
•    Average Cost per App Install: $1.06
•    Average CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions): $0.13
•    Frequency: 6.67 (strategically maintained for maximum brand exposure)

Through meticulous A/B testing and optimization techniques, I ensured high-quality ads with a hook rate above 45%. These efforts resulted in enhanced engagement and conversion rates.

Tailored Strategies for Captains' Acquisition

Recognizing the significance of attracting and engaging drivers (Captains), I implemented specialized strategies tailored to their needs. Exciting giveaways, rewards programs, and proactive communication helped create a strong partnership between GOJO and its Captains, fostering mutual success and satisfaction.

YouTube Video Motion Graphics and Voice Over

To further amplify brand awareness, I created compelling YouTube video ads with motion graphics and voice-over. By leveraging the platform’s reach and engagement, we effectively reached the target audience and drove app installs.

Strategic Scaling for Optimal Results

Demonstrating expertise in data analysis and campaign scaling, I strategically scaled the ad sets for maximum impact. By closely monitoring app install rates and observing promising CTR, I progressively scaled the campaigns by 30% every three days. This methodical approach ensured continuous optimization and yielded exceptional outcomes.

Google Ads Campaign: Effective Driver Acquisition

Harnessing the power of Google Ads, I executed highly targeted campaigns to attract potential drivers. By optimizing placements across Search Ads, Google Play, Display, and YouTube, we achieved outstanding results in driver acquisition.

•    Average Cost per Install: $0.29
•    Impressive CTR: 4.33%


In conclusion, the meticulously crafted digital advertising campaign for GOJO demonstrated remarkable success in driving app installs and amplifying brand awareness.

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