Al Bait Al Arabi Restaurant Brand Refresh Case Study

  • Client Al Bait Al Arabi
  • Services Logo & Packaging Design

New Logo Identity

The Objective

My goal as a graphic design freelancer was to revamp the brand identity of Al Bait Al Arabi, a popular Yamni restaurant, and create a cohesive and appealing brand experience for customers both online and in the physical space.

The Process

Logo Design

To start, I redesigned the restaurant’s logo, drawing inspiration from the rich culinary heritage of Yamni cuisine. Our design showcases traditional Yamni patterns and symbols while also incorporating modern elements to appeal to a wider audience. The result was a logo that perfectly balances tradition and innovation, accurately reflecting the essence of Al Bait Al Arabi.

Packaging Design

In addition to the logo, we also designed the restaurant’s packaging. The packaging design was inspired by the natural ingredients used in Yamni cooking and featured a simple, elegant design that emphasized the high quality of the food. We used bright, bold colors to make the packaging stand out on shelves and attract customers’ attention.


The results of my work speak for themselves. Since launching the new brand identity, Al Bait Al Arabi has seen a significant increase in online traffic and customer engagement. The restaurant’s new logo and packaging have also helped to attract new customers and build brand recognition.


My work for Al Bait Al Arabi demonstrates the impact that a well-designed brand identity can have on a business. By creating a cohesive, appealing brand experience, we were able to help the restaurant stand out in a competitive market and achieve its goals.