Balabala KSA ROAS Growth

Introduction is at the forefront of kids’ fashion retail in Saudi Arabia, with a strong presence both online and across numerous stores in the country. As their dedicated media buyer, my goal was to significantly enhance their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) through smart, strategic ad campaigns.

The Challenge

The venture with Balabala introduced us to two primary obstacles: the technical limitations of their Magento platform and the imperative need for brand recognition. Magento, despite being a robust e-commerce solution, posed several user-friendliness and technical tracking challenges, complicating our media buying and ad tracking processes. Moreover, as a new store, Balabala needed to break through a cluttered market space to establish a strong brand identity and loyalty among its target audience in Saudi Arabia.

Technical and Market Challenges

  • User-unfriendliness of the Magento platform
  • Technical tracking difficulties
  • Establishing brand recognition in a competitive landscape


Phase 1: Building Brand Awareness

Our initial strategy focused on broadening Balabala’s visibility through brand awareness campaigns. Utilizing a mix of social media platforms, search engines, and display networks, we crafted engaging advertisements that highlighted Balabala’s unique value proposition to potential customers. This phase was critical in introducing Balabala to a wider audience, setting the stage for more targeted advertising efforts.

Reach Ramadan
Ramadan Brand Awareness Ad

Phase 2: Targeted Retargeting Ads

Transitioning from a broad approach, we then honed in on retargeting campaigns. These campaigns were meticulously designed to re-engage users who showed initial interest in Balabala’s high-experience items. By analyzing user behavior and leveraging data-driven insights, our retargeting ads were tailored to speak directly to the interests and preferences of potential customers, significantly enhancing the likelihood of conversion.


Our comprehensive media buying strategy bore fruit, elevating Balabala’s ROAS to approximately 5, with aspirations to surpass the 6.5 threshold. This notable achievement not only underscored the efficacy of our dual-phased approach but also solidified Balabala’s footing in the Saudi Arabian retail landscape. The success of this campaign has proven the indomitable power of strategic media buying in the face of technical adversities and market challenges.

Achievements Highlighted

  • Achieved a ROAS of around 5, aiming for 6.5+
  • Established a strong brand presence for Balabala in Saudi Arabia
  • Demonstrated the effectiveness of strategic media buying and targeted advertising


    Balabala’s journey is a clear indicator of how tailored media buying strategies can lead to substantial growth and market presence. As we continue to build on this success, Balabala stands ready to dress the next generation of Saudi Arabia in style and comfort.

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