Maximizing Lead Conversion with 360° Digital Marketing Strategies

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts is a leading non-profit private culinary school in Jordan. As the digital marketer for their October 2022 intake, I executed several successful digital marketing campaigns to generate high quality leads and drive awareness to their programs.

Digital Marketing Campaigns for the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

Google Ads (Display, Search, YouTube)

The objective of the Google Ads campaigns was to drive traffic to the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts’ website and generate high-quality leads. I utilized Display, Search, and YouTube ads to achieve this goal.

Results for Google Search

For the Google Search Ad campaign, I optimized the CTR to 8.54%. The average CPC for the entire search campaign was $0.08, which is an impressive result. Additionally, I included site links and other ad extensions to increase the visibility and engagement of the ads.

Google Search Screenshots

I also conducted A/B testing on different landing pages to determine the best-performing ones and optimize the bounce rate. This ensured that the campaign delivered the highest quality and optimization possible.

Results for Google Display

The objective of the Google Display Ad campaign was to increase brand awareness for the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts’ Bachelor Degree in Food & Beverage Management program. To target parents as decision-makers, I placed ads on media and news websites and used manual optimization to secure the top ad placement. The results were 3.3 million impressions.

Google Display Screenshots

Facebook & Instagram Ads

The objective of the Facebook and Instagram Promotion campaign was to drive traffic to WhatsApp and increase engagement through user-friendly destination previews and reply templates. The results showed a CPM of $0.93 and 4403 clicks.

WA Facebook Ads Screenshots
Short Courses Ads Screenshots

Stories & Reels Ads

The objective of the Facebook and Instagram Stories and Reels campaign was to target the youth and drive awareness to the Bachelor Degree in Food & Beverage Management program. The results showed a total spend of $69.09, a CPM of $0.18, and a reach of 384K.

FB + IG Stories Ads Screenshots

Chat Bot Campaign through Facebook Messenger

To improve the enrollment process, I implemented an automation chat feature through Facebook Messenger. This chatbot aimed to help the enrollment team evaluate potential students’ English proficiency levels more efficiently. The chatbot asks students questions about their English level, and based on their responses, either directs them to an English language center or asks for their contact details. To optimize the budget, I implemented budget control, with a maximum spend of $2.

In conclusion, the digital marketing campaign for The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts was a great success. With a mix of Google Ads, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram promotions, I was able to reach a wide audience and generate high quality leads. The combination of search and display ads, video promotions, and chatbot campaigns, helped the academy achieve their objectives of driving traffic to the website, increasing brand awareness, and streamlining the enrollment process.

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