How Personal Branding Drove Baby Moon Sleep's Social Media Success


Aseel, a certified sleep trainer and owner of Baby Moon Sleep, sought to enhance her personal brand and social media presence. Our goals were to develop her personal branding, create engaging social media content, and edit videos, and manage advertising campaigns to increase her ROI and scale her business.

Lead Generation Video Ad Preview

After testing numerous creatives, we identified the best-performing ad for lead generation across the MENA region. The ad targeted three specific audiences:

  1. Broad, excluding her Instagram followers.
  2. Lookalike audience.
  3. Retargeting those who had messaged her.

Social Media Growth

Our efforts significantly boosted Aseel’s social media presence:

  1. From 8K to 10K Followers: Within a few months, we achieved a milestone of 10K followers.
  2. From 10K to 18K Followers: By February 2, 2024, Aseel’s followers had grown to 18K.
  3. From 18K to 65K Followers: By May, Aseel’s followers reached an impressive 65K.

E-Book Design and Promotion

We designed and optimized the content for Aseel’s first e-book, including copywriting. The e-book was promoted across MENA countries, achieving substantial reach and engagement.

Content Success and Organic Reach

In April, Aseel’s content achieved over 500K organic reach, with only 3.3% coming from ads. This demonstrates the effectiveness of organic content in increasing ROI compared to paid ads.

Client Testimonial

Aseel’s testimonial highlights her satisfaction with our services, showcasing the success and growth achieved through our collaboration. She praises the expertise and dedication of both me and my remote senior team.


This case study demonstrates my expertise as a media buyer and social media specialist in enhancing personal branding, expanding social media reach, and boosting ROI through strategic content creation and targeted advertising. The success achieved here highlights the effectiveness of tailored strategies and professional execution.

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