Social Media Transformation

Client Success Story: KH Mart & Coffee Bar’s Social Media Transformation

Service: Social Media Management

KH Mart & Coffee Bar, a unique hybrid of a supermarket and coffee house in Amman, faced the challenge of establishing an online presence and attracting local customers. Seeking a solution, they partnered with a seasoned digital marketer.


KH Mart & Coffee Bar was grappling with a lack of brand identity and minimal engagement on social media platforms.


The implemented strategy included:

  1. Visual Branding: Crafting a visually appealing and consistent brand identity to highlight KH Mart’s distinctiveness.
  2. Content Strategy: Creating engaging posts to showcase daily deals, fresh coffee offerings, and the diverse range of home goods available.
  3. Community Engagement: Proactive interaction with the local community, hosting online contests, and addressing customer queries promptly.


Within a mere three months, the transformation was evident:

  • A remarkable 75% increase in online engagement.
  • A substantial 50% growth in followers.